Johnsonville State Historical Park

Johnsonville State Historical Park is a park located in Humphrey County, TN on the eastern bank of Kentucky Lake. The park was named after former President Andrew Johnson The park is the location for the Civil War’s Battle of Johnsonville.

About the Park

A former Civil War Union supply depot. Supplies were moved to the depot up the Tennessee River using steamboats. The Depot distributed the supplies to forts and troops using the railroad system. The depot was part of the old Johnsonville town, which became a thriving railroad town up to 1940.

In 1940, the Tennessee Authority dammed the Tennessee River, creating Kentucky Lake. The lake covered most of the old town and the depot. In 1971, the land was deemed so significant to Tennessee’s history it became the Johnsonville State Historic Park

Park Features

The park is located on the bank of Kentucky Lake. The park is beautiful and well maintained. The park features a modern welcome center with exhibits and a 527-acre wooded park.

This park offered a verity of features including:

  • Beautiful large mature trees
  • Nice picnic area
  • Fishing from the bank of Kentucky Lake, with a valid Tennessee fishing license
  • Historical markers, that give the visitors information about the historical significance of the location
  • Historical items such as cannons, buildings, and artifacts from the period
  • Two large earthen fortifications
  • Rifle pits
  • The park has 3 hiking trails, Historic Johnsonville Trail (8 miles), African-American Cemetery Loop Trail (0.5 miles), Civil War Forts Trail
  • The Crocket Historic Cemetery


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