8 Tips to Save Money RVing

When traveling in your RV, you know that it is easy to go through money like it’s water. There are so many things to see, do and buy out there. How do you save money RVing with all the temptations?

Here are eight ways you can save money on the road.

1. Limit Eating Out 

There are a lot of restaurants out there. They have great food, and the convenience is too easy to pass up. Fast food is even more convenient. Set a limit on how many times you eat out, and build better habits. Here are a couple of ideas to help save money:

  • Cook at home, try new recipes that will keep your choices fresh.
  • Pack a lunch when going out, this will contribute to limit the temptation of eating out.
  • Set aside a day or two as you’re eating out days. Scheduling ahead gives you something to look forward too and makes eating out an event.
  • Avoid wasting food by planning meals ahead and only buying what you need.
  • Cook larger meals and put them in the refrigerator or freeze

2. Plan Your Trip

Planning your trip in advance will save you money.

  • Plan the mileage of your trip and gas needs.
  • Plan your gas stops and try to find the best prices. Use the GasBuddy app or the GasBuddy.com website.
  • Shop ahead and avoid high prices at the stores in popular tourist areas.
  • Shop around to find the best RV park price and location.

3. Discount Stores

Discount stores offer excellent opportunities to save money on items you use every day. When you shop at discount stores, try to buy in bulk whenever possible. Once you get back to your RV, you can divide your items into smaller portions. Some good examples are:

4. RV Discount Clubs

Using RV discount clubs is another way to save money on your RV traveling. Many RV discount clubs provide discounts on RV parks. RV discount clubs usually have a small upfront fee, then provide you a discount at RV parks all around the country. Some of the best discount clubs include:

5. Extend RV Park Stay

You will receive better pricing on RV parks when you stay for longer periods of time. You get a cheaper daily rate on your RV site if you schedule your visit weekly or monthly.

6. Activities

Plan your activities ahead of time. Try to find discounts on tickets or go during the off-season. Look for free activities in the area you are visiting. Try activities like visiting city parks, picnics, hiking and walks around town.

7. Bicycle or Walk

Walking or riding a bike is good for your health. You get a whole different perspective of an area when you slow down. When planning your RV trips, think about how you can walk or ride a bike on your visit.

8. Boondocking

Boondocking will save you money. Boondocking is where you stay at certain locations for free. Most boondocking locations are off the grid and do not provide electric, water and sewer connection. This type of camping is not for everyone but can be an excellent way to save money.

Here are some great sites to help you find locations for boondocking:

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