X-Chock Tire Locking Chock

Owners of travel trailers know that a huge problem is getting the trailer to be as stable as possible. This issue is especially problematic with smaller trailers. One way to bring better stabilization, is to lock the wheels in place.

The X-Chock line of tire locking chocks is an excellent choice to help you stabilize your travel trailer. X-Chock is placed between your tires, then adjusted to lock the tires in place. The light weight design makes the device easy to use.

The X-Chock comes in two different sizes

  • X-Chock (the standard unit)
  • X-Tend Fit  X-Chock (a larger unit for wider tire spacing)

Product Features

The product offers the following features:

  • Provides added stabilization
  • Rustproof coating
  • Includes a ratchet wrench
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • The unit can be secured using a pad lock

Tin Can Junction’s Gadget Review

The X-Chock review was performed on a small travel trailer. I had a problem with my trailer swaying from front to back as you moved around the trailer. Anyone who has a travel trailer knows this is a pain and you sometimes feel you are swaying on the ocean. I needed a stabilizing solution. Previously, I tried standard chocks, but it didn’t really make much difference. I decided to try the X-Chock. My RV has the wide track system, I chose the X-Tend Fit X-Chock. I purchased 2 of the units.

I was very impressed at how easy the system was to use. The box contained the wrench needed to install the system. The included wrench is a well-made tool, not some cheap tool you can only use once. The installation took about 15 mins to complete both sides of the RV.

Did it stabilize the RV? 

Yes, it worked well. This device does not fix all the issues, but there was a huge improvement. I would say it eliminated about 50% of my forward to back stabilization issues.

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