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Photo That Crazy Squirrel

That Crazy Squirrel

The photo was taken at the Thousand Trails Park at Lake Tawakoni in East Texas. I was out working on my RV, and this little squirrel started following me around my RV. This little guy was not afraid of people at all. I got a hand full of nuts, and he would come right up and take one out of my hand and eat it. Then come back for more. He then followed me around the whole time I was working. I decided to take a picture of him, so I told him to pose for me, and this is what I got. It was one of the coolest things I have experienced with wildlife. The little guy came back a couple more times during my stay, and he got some more nuts.

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Photo Focused Gorilla

Focused Gorilla

This photo was taken at the Memphis Zoo. The Gorilla was so focused on me and I had to take the shot. The photo turned out to be amazing. Just look at the how the eyes are staring right at you.

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Photo Red Orangutan

Red Orangutan

This photo was taken at the Memphis Zoo in Memphis, TN. The orangoutang was eating and resting on a platform.

Fun Facts 

The Orangutan lives in the forest of Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei. Orangutan can weigh up to 200 pounds. They share 96.4% of human genes and are very intelligent. They spend most of their time in trees. There are 2 species of orangutan the Bornean and Sumatran. There are an estimated  104,700 (Bornean) and 14,613 (Sumatran) orangutan remaining today.

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Photo Beautiful Flamingo

Beautiful Flamingo

This weeks photo was taken at the Little Rock Zoo. The photo came out so much better than I thought it would. The Flamingos were standing in the water and most were asleep. The lighting and detail came out incredibly good.

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