Hoover LED MultiColor Accent Lights Review

Do you want to add some mood lighting to your RV? Maybe you have a spot in your RV that doesn’t get enough light. Hoover might have the solution for you, with a five pack of multicolor LED lights.

Product Details

Included in Package

  • Five pack of LED lights, each light can change between red, blue, green and white.
  • Each light requires 3 AAA batteries (included)
  • Remote control
  • Mounting tape

Features Include

  • Included batteries
  • Manual on/off push dome button
  • Individually control individual or group of light with the remote
  • One remote can control up to 36 lights
  • Change the colors of a light independently
  • Adjust brightness of each light
  • Set timers for each light


The price varies from 19.95 to 30.95 (Sams Club sells the set for $19.95)


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The Hoover Multicolor LED Accent Lights are a great addition for your RV. The lights are easy to set-up and are small enough to be placed anywhere.


The set comes with everything you need to set them up, mounting tape, batteries, lights and the remote.

The set-up process is very easy. The dome side of the light screws off to allow access to the batteries. Insert the three batteries and screw the light back together. Pull the plastic tab on the remote (between the battery and contact).
NOTE: The simple screw-off design of the light allows for an easy battery change.


The standard RV LED lights in my rig are quite bright. This light set is a solution for soft lighting. The lights have multiple setting, the brightness, and color adjusted for each light. An individual timer can be adjusted for each light for 10, 30, 60 or 120 mins.

The lights work well and can change the mood in your rig. I put one behind my couch, two under my kitchen cabinets and one above the nightstands beside my bed. Being able to adjust the color and brightness provides you with a broad range of options. The little LED lights provide enough light for reading or doing projects. Another great feature is that each light can be turned on/off and change the color by simply pushing the dome.

These lights are highly recommended for the right price. I purchased one set of lights. I like them so much, plan to get another set.

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