HD HomeRun Network Video Solution RV Gadget Review

On the road, sometimes you want to watch TV out at your campsite. If you have an external TV, then there is no problem. But what if you don’t. There is a solution, the HD HomeRun by SiliconDust.

The HD HomeRun is a device, that can connect to your personal wi-fi network and allow you to watch TV on your mobile devices or computer. The HD HomeRun connects to your RV’s antenna or cable hookup. Install the tuner software on your device and you have TV anywhere you are connected to your wi-fi network.


Tin Can Junction’s RV Gadget Review

We purchased the HD HomeRun Connect from Amazon. This version of the device allows you to transmit Over the Air TV through your network.


Installation is very easy. Simply connect the power and the included network cable  to your wireless wi-fi router then connect the coaxial cable to your antenna. The software can be downloaded from the SiliconDust website or installed using the companion software disk. Once you install the software and connect your computer to the network, start the software and it will connect to the device. Run a channel scan to identify all the available channels in your area and you are all set.


The device is very small and light. So if you are going to install the device for full-time use, you will need to secure it.

The device has 3 connections

  • 1 coaxial connection, the tuner then turns that one connection into 2 tuners
  • 1 network port
  • 1 power port

NOTE: There are different version of the device listed below. The version we used only connected to Over the Air TV. There is a version that connects to cable TV. There are no versions that connect to satellite.


We tested the free version of the software. It works well, you can change channels and have a TV guide. The free version of the software does not allow you to record videos, there is a paid version (more details below). Since the HD HomeRun Connect has 2 TV tuners, two people can watch different programs at once.

I am a Mac user and I extended the ability of the tuner by using and app called EyeTV. EyeTV is a very powerful software available for Mac. EyeTV can be linked to TV Guide and provides a nice TV listing. EyeTV also allows your to record programs to your local hard drive. The software formats the video, so it can be watched on any device. You can also record 2 videos at once, or watch 1 video and record another at the same time.


The HD HomeRun is easy to setup and use. The device is very flexible and works well with either the included software or third party software. If you are looking for a flexible option for TV, this is the device for you.


The HD HomeRun Hardware Details

The HD HomeRun is available in 3 different versions.

Version 1 – HD HomeRun Connect

Features Include

  • 2 Tuners
  • DLNA Streaming
  • Receives free digital broadcast (over the air)
  • Provides HD TV over wi-fi network, support AC networks 
  • watch TV on tablets and phones

Version 2 – HD HomeRun Extend

Features Include 

  • 2 Tuners
  • DLNA Streaming
  • Receives free digital broadcast (over the air), support N networks 
  • Provides HD TV over wi-fi network, support AC networks
  • watch TV on tablets and phones

Version 3 – HD HomeRun Prime

Features Include

  • 3 Tuners
  • DLNA Streaming
  • Receives digital cable subscription service
  • Provides HD TV over wi-fi network, support AC networks 
  • watch TV on tablets and phones


Tuner Software Details

The HD HomeRun deice is flexible and can be used by many different tuner and media software. Below I will explain some of the available options.

SiliconDust Software

SiliconDust, the maker of the HD HomeRun provides 2 types of software for the device.

  • Free Version: The free version of their software is available for Mac, PC and can be downloads from their website.
  • Paid DVR Version: The paid option allows your to turn your computer into a DVR and record and save your programs. The paid version of the software, also adds features, like pause and resume, scheduled recording and watching one program, while recording another. The paid service costs $60.00 per year.

Mobile Device Software

There are several 3rd party mobile apps that are available that will allow your to watch TV on your mobile devices

Android Devices (available on the Google Play Store)
  • HD HomeRun Beta App – Free
  • HD HomeRun TV – $2.99
  • InstaTV – Free
iOS Devices (available on the App Store)
  • InstaTV – Free
  • Channels – $14.95

3rd Party Software Options

One of the great features of the HD HomeRun is that it can work with a verity of software. The device can be integrated into most home media centers. The following is a list of 3d party options:

  • PLEX (Mac, PC, Linux)
  • EyeTV (Mac)
  • KODI (Mac, PC, Linux)
  • emby Mac, PC, Linux)
  • Windows Media Center (Windows 7 and 8.1)


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