ecoATM Review: Sell your old electronic devices

Looking to sell your old electronics. There are many websites out there, but you have to deal with shipping and wait for your payment. There is a new way to get paid quickly for your old phone or tablet.

The ecoATM is a new kiosk that is available in many Walmarts and other retail locations. The kiosk is easy to use and will pay you immediately. The system walks you through the entire process, and then you get paid, in CASH.


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I had an old iPad that was just collecting dust. I decided that I would sell the device and looked online for the best price I could get. I came across the ecoATM website and thought I would give it a try.


The ecoATM Website

The ecoATM website provides an easy way to determine the value of your device. You click the “Price your device” link. Then answer a few questions about your device. The website will come back with a price range for your device.
NOTE: The higher rang in for devices in good condition.

To find a location near you, click the “View Locations” button on the page displaying the estimate.


The ecoATM Kiosk

The ecoATM near me was just down the road at Walmart. The Kiosk was inside the first set of doors, beside the Red Box rental machine.

To begin, you select “Touch Here to Begin“. A little computer character walks you through the process from there.
NOTE: You can cancel the sale all the way to the end of the process, so if you don’t like the offer you can stop.

Here is the process:

  1. Select the type of device
  2. The kiosk will print a sticker and ask you to put on the back of your device.
  3. The Kiosk will ask you to throw away the sticker paper once you put it on your device. (I thought this was funny)
  4. The Kiosk will ask you what type cable your device uses
  5. The door opens, and the kiosk will show an animation showing you how to connect your device. Just connect your device and continue.
  6. The kiosk does a couple of things at this point. It reads your device for configuration information and scans the device for cracks and scratches.
  7. Once the kiosk has finished looking at your device, you are given an offer.
  8. Accept the offer, and the kiosk starts an identification process.
  9. You are asked to insert your driver’s license, and the kiosk does a scan of your ID.
  10. Then the kiosk’s camera comes on, and it asks you to take a picture of yourself.
  11. After the picture is completed, the kiosk compares the photo from your driver’s license with the picture taken. The process allows the kiosk to validate your identity.
  12. Once the identification completes, you just press the “Get Cash” button. Cash comes directly out of the kiosk!



The ecoATM is a really cool system. The kiosk is easy to use and walks you through the entire process. The identification process is safe and helps to eliminate fraud and theft. The ecoATM pays you a comparable rate to other websites that buy electronics. The greatest feature is your get your cash immediately!

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