Brita Personal Water Bottle Review

The Brita personal water bottle is a low-cost travel water filter, but is it worth purchasing? In this review, we will provide details about this portable water filtering option.

Product Details

  • 20 OZ Water Bottle
  • Built in Brita charcoal water filter
  • Handy loop around the top for hanging
  • Price Range: $7.00 to $9.00 Single, $19.00 – $29.00 Two Pack


  • Plastic squeeze bottle design
  • 20-gallon filter lifespan
  • Convenient pop-up bottle top
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Replaceable Filters (sold separately)


Filter Description

This filter is not intended to purify water. This filter does not remove impurities and/or microbes out of the water like the LifesStraw or Sawyer Mini Filter. The Bita water bottle is intended to be used with tap water and is said to improve the taste. Each Brita filter is rated to filter up to 40 gallons of water or 2 months of use before you need a new filter. The Brita water filter does not remove fluoride from water.


Tin Can Junction Review

We purchased the two pack of Brita water bottles for $21.95 at Walmart.

When you open the Brita water bottle, there is instruction for priming the filter to get it ready for use. Follow the instructions! You fill the bottle with water and squeeze the water through the filter. Repeat the process until the water runs clean. Then your bottle is ready for use.

Once the bottle was ready for use, you fill the bottle with tap water, and the water’s taste should improve.

Does it work?

Well, it works a little. The taste of good tasting tap water is improved a little. The filter does a basic job of improving the taste of the water. We found that if the water does not taste good to start, you’re not going to get much improvement. If the water tastes bad, the filtered water will still taste bad.

Our tap water already tastes pretty good, and we can tell a small improvement using the Brita filter. We tried getting water from a water fountain, and the taste was OK. We tested it in a hotel using the bathroom sink water. You may have tried drinking hotel sink water before and know there is a strange taste. The Brita did nothing to improve the taste; it was not good at all.

We also discovered in our review that the entire 20oz bottle of water does not get filtered. Each time you fill up your bottle, you will have about 2 inches of water (about 8oz) left in your bottle. Due to the design of the filter this water cannot be filtered, which sucks. Your 20oz bottle only filters 12oz, causing you to have to refill the bottle more frequently.



We were looking for a water filter bottle to keep handy and fill with water from any public water source. The only two requirements we had were:

  • The bottle would filter all the water in it.
  • The filter improves the taste of tap water.

The Brita water filter bottle failed both of these requirements. The Brita water bottle is poorly designed and does not deliver on its promises. The fact that all the water in the bottle isn’t filtered is just sad. The Brita water bottle does little to improve the taste of tap water. If you have bad tasting water, this product will not improve the taste. We do not recommend this product; there are many water bottle on the market that may be a better choice.

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