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My name is Jay Winters. I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years in technology. I have a long history with different types of technologies from desktop, mobile and corporate infrastructure. Over my career, I held many jobs like technical support, analyst, engineer, project manager and department manager. In those jobs, I learned a lot about technology and business, but there was always a desire to be outside and have more freedom from the 9 to 5 grind.

I have always loved the outdoors and decided to travel in my RV for a while. I got to see much of the country and met many amazing people. I am getting older, so I started thinking about the long term.

I grew up on a farm and have always loved the farming lifestyle. I realized that I want to live a simple, happy, healthy life. For the past several years, I have been simplifying my life and trying to break free from the commercial rat race. I’ve read countless books on sustainable living, self-reliance, and preparedness. I have always been fascinated by small-scale farming.

So here I was loving both technology from my years of work and sustainable living. Then I made a decision; I want to create a website that would allow me to do both.

Tin Can Junction is a community for people who want to live a simpler lifestyle. The goal of this site is to provide “you” the visitor with:

  • Compelling Content: Provide outstanding informative content on technology, lifestyle, self-reliance, and preparedness.
  • Education: Provide the community with educational information. Bring the community information on “How to” make small meaningful changes in your life.
  • Products and Services: Offer and build products and services that will enhance and educate the users.
  • Reference and Information: Provide users with useful reference information.
  • Partnership: Create robust and lasting partnerships within the small-scale sustainable living community to offer products and services that benefit users.
  • Clean Site: Tin Can Junction is a family oriented site. Adult content and foul language will not be permitted in comments, posts or by partners or sponsors.

Like anything in life, I can’t build this site alone. I am always looking for feedback, partners, and friends to help along the way. I welcome feedback on the site.


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